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I purchased the premium version. But sadly, the game doesn't run smoothly on my computer. I think my old computer is to blame. Even though I purchased the premium version, the game loads quite slowly, but it turns out that my own computer is to blame. I want to know if this game has a lore. Like the identity of the Mysterious Man, Le Goat, or the story of their past. 

Thank you very much 🙏🏻. I absolutely enjoy this game.

Hello! Thank you for buying the game and sorry for the late reply. There are some pieces of lore, maybe you can find something about them in our other games ;) you can check red grimly tale and the red wood

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So I bought the premium version


Regarding the true end:

The true ending was bittersweet. The dolls will always support and be there for Helen no matter what, and this fact made me sad and happy at the same time. Lastly, the animations, the CGs, and the amount of effort you put into the true ending is a masterpiece. 

My fav is the wizard doll, hahah.

Okay, I will stop babbling about this.

Thank you so much!! Your comment makes me very happy. Wizard doll is my favourite too <3

Hey, I can't download the newest premium zip file for Windows? Regardless of what I do, the download fails. Is the download broken or is the issue on my end because I've tried a few things and nothing works

hello, I'm afraid it might be an issue on your end. Have you tried to check if your antivirus or browser have stopped the download? If it still doesn't work, I'll send you the file through some other channels 

I got it working! Thanks for the help, sorry if I bothered you. The game is wonderful

You're welcome. Glad it worked. And thank you! Enjoy the game :D

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how do i find the wip gallery ? -haha (I purchased the premium version ofc)


Hello, thank you for buying the premium version. You have to go to the right, into the japanese room. When Helen and Le Goat went to that room the first time, they cleaned up the place and put all the papers in boxes. Click on the boxes left on the right side of the room to see the gallery.

oooh I see! thank u! thank u! I was wondering where was it haha

You're welcome :D

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I just want to say how I really liked this game! All the dolls were beautiful, and ngl Okiku-san's story broke my heart! I loved interacting with the dolls, and also spending time with the yandere doll, even though I wished he could just coexist with the others (without paying) XD.

Thanks for Reading,

Kairi-chan xx

Hello, I'm very happy to hear that enjoy the game. Thank you for your encouragement :D

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I recently bought the premium version because I enjoyed the game so much in the free version, but ever since the app crashed on me while trying to do the crossover event, every time I try to run the game now I am met with a black screen with only the mini menu containing mute, skip, etc. I have tried resetting and shutting off my Windows 10 laptop repeatedly and pressing various menu options multiple times- but nothing seems to be working. Please let me know how to fix this issue!

PS. Is Yandere not a collectable character? I thought you could see him in premium alongside with the others but I haven't seen him in any of the rooms.


Hello, sorry it happened to you. Could you try to download the file again? it might have been corrupted during the download. I'll try to check if there's anything wrong on my side.

Yes, the Yandere doll and the other evil dolls appear in your house as collectable dolls AFTER the ending (so you have to clear the game first). Yandere doll will be upstairs on the right

I'm so sorry for the late reply, I did try downloading it again twice but it still just showing me a black screen. I have also tried deleting the old file and redownloading it from scratch on itch but that didn't seem to work either. Is there anything else I could do, since I really love this game and badly want to continue playing? 

Hm, as for Yandere, thats a little odd because the right staircase is the only place the game wouldn't allow me access to despite clearing true and normal end.

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I'll try to create a new download link for you. Please give me a moment :)

I have created another download link called "[premium] in case the other doesn't work". Please try to see if that one works. If you're still having problems, please try deleting the autosave data from this folder:
Go to your windows C: > Users> YourUsername >AppData (this is a hidden folder. make sure hidden folders are shown) >Local >nw-app >User Data >Default
Please let me know if it works.

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Thank you so much!! Deleting the default file worked and it seems to be running now! I'm so sorry for all the problems and I'm so glad I can continue playing the game now O^O This is a lovely game and I really appreciate the help. Strangely though I think the only thing that still seems odd is that I still cant go through the right staircase to see Yandere as I think I completed everything else. I will definitely check out the other games as well!

This is such an adorable game! I love the concept. Every doll is so cute and lovable in its own way. Even the evil ones.

I've taken a look at your other games. I have to say, your art style is just gorgeous. <3


Aww thank you so much <3

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

Hey, I played the for free version of the game and had a lot of fun with it, so I purchased the premium version. But, well, I can't play it, I opened the for free version normally as ever with winzip but it said that it can't open the premium version... Please help

I'll see what's wrong with it right away :) Are you using the windows version?

I tested it out and can't seem to find the problem. It runs well for me and the special parts can also be played. Could you tell me more in detail what problem you're getting? I understood that you successfully unzipped the folder, but it won't open, is it correct? You can send me a message to my facebook or instagram for faster reply. I'll keep this post checked too and try to reply as soon as I can.

I'm sorry I haven't answered, it worked... all of a sudden? I haven't done anything special, just left the game frustratet for a day and then it worked...? Weird but don't want to complain haha.

Played it through, that's a lovely game you made there~♥

Ah that's good then. I'm glad to hear it's working ^^ Thank you for playing <3

Hey! So, I purchased the premium because I loved the concept and saw it was for mac–but there are only .exe files? I have no way of running these (trust me, I've tried with programs like wine and everything). I know it says to use the nwjc file, but that is an EXE file. Was this game made for mac? I'm just really frustrated since it's advertised as having a mac version but there are only .exe files.

Please reply soon, or at least provide a refund if using a mac is impossible. This game looks so fun so I'm just hoping to play it especially since I payed!

Hello, this game does indeed support mac. However, the files are automatically generated by CloudNovel and since I don't have a mac device myself, I didn't know about this problem. I'll contact CloudNovel to see what the problem is. I'll keep you updated

Hello, it should be fixed. The file is a .app for the mac download now. Please download it again to run it.

Thank you so much! It works now!

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Great to hear! I hope you'll enjoy the game

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Senpai i buy the Premium ver ( i'm thinking of buying it on my birthdays but i got the money now lmao ) and do you have the guide ? cuz i want to know the story first ( aka all the ending in the game )

Btw does the game running  slower or ... ??

Are you using Windows or Mac? It runs slow on Mac. On Windows it depends on the pc x.x

windows but right now i gonna restart my pc all over again and see how it goes

Ok, let me know. Someone else also reported that it was slow, but it was ok when they changed pc, so I'm not sure where's the problem.

it finally running faster again

 but there's a bug like when i try to make doll and this happened ( when i save the game it still show this picture )

and when it was game over and i try to load the game the screen still show game over

Woah you want spoilers right away? XD I only have cheating sheet for answers, not the plot of ending. I'll send you on discord

lmao i don't know how to make other dolls so.... I'm all for the spoilers ( and hoe to make yandere doll stay lol ) 😂😂😂 oh god i forgot about my old discord account :/ maybe i should make new one or you can send it on twitter or email ?

Yes I'll send on twitter

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Thanks senpai 😊 gonna check that soon ( still busy ) . Btw are you gonna update the beta ver of fluffland again or just post the full version soon ? ( kinda wanna buy and play the beta ver ) 

There still a long way to go. At least one more year lol I update the beta version every month


I think this game is absolutely amazing! The art is so stunning, I admire it deeply! Not only is the art amazing, the concept and the dolls you can make are so amazing! Though, I will admit, the game runs a little slow. I don't know if it's just my computer but I do have to be patient while waiting from one screen to go onto another. But I do enjoy this game very much!

Thank you very much >w< I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it.
I will try to see if I can make it run faster. I can't guarantee you anything though x.x

Are you using windows or mac, by the way? It might be very slow on mac and that can't be fixed...

No, I use a Windows computer. But it’s ok! After stealing my brother’s computer, I learned that my computer was just slower when running the game, haha.

Oooh ok ok. Let me know if there are other problems :3 and thank you for playing


Hi! I'm playing the first version and accidentally created the yandere doll ;u; He doesn't let me create more dolls or talk to the ones I already have, is there a way for me to reason with him? I have a save file before creating him but I love his desing ;_; Please help, also, is he one of the evil dolls?

You can make him go away by talking to him. There's a chance you'd trigger the dialogue where you can ask him to leave. And no, he isn't an evil doll, he's the special doll. In the premium version you can keep him along with the other dolls :)

Awww ;-: Thanks for your help, is it ok if I take screenshots of him? Or any of the other dolls?

Of course :3 Feel free to.

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Hey there! Do you have a guide for how to unlock all the dolls and events? (I have the premium vers) I would love to be able to own the broken dolls twins, but they always manage to [redacted] me first if I don't [redacted] them first :x

Of course. You can either message me on twitter @fluffness02 or facebook page "Mono's sketch" or discord server Email works too. Let me know how I can send you the file.

Just messaged you on discord! :)

I sent it :3

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or something else but... after saving, if you go to the loading page, I think there's supposed to be a thumbnail with a little description and the time when said save was created. Yet there's none. You can still load the game if click the slot, but it appears empty.

Oh, that's because there wasn't a dialogue at the point where you saved. The little description is the content of the dialogue. We can make it have the time of when you saved if you want. Let me know :)

I normally tend to save right on top of choices. In this case it was quite early on, when first interacting with Mr. Goat, so it's not that important. ;) I went back and now get what you mean... most VNs I've played tend to show a little thumbnail of the scene, along with some dialogue and the time the save was created. Meanwhile this game uses a simpler form of that. I now understand its not a bug but intentional by design... so nevermind me. :)

Ah, I see I see :) I'll probably add the time of save the next time I update, to make it more clear. If there's anything else, feel free to tell me <3

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Got the paid version and I get an infinite loop after doll creation.

I create a doll (sleepy doll,naming) then I come back to doll creation with the goat.

If I redo the doll,the doll talk (one speech only) then I come back to the goat to redo the doll,I redo the doll see the problem?

Tested with the cheerful doll,It's the same problem.

Can get past the creation...When the doll is made,I always come back to the creation with goat...forever...

Cannot "chat" with my Doll T_T

Oh, I'm so sorry for it! I'll get it fixed right away.

Thanks :)

Btw,It was nice to read the "secrets" behind the doors of the Dollhouse ^^

I'm happy to hear that you're liking it >w< I updated the premium version. Sorry again and please let me know if you're having any other issue with it <3

It's perfect!

Thanks a lot ^__^

Great <3 Thank you for playing and letting me know the bugs~

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I'm having the same exact problem, but I'm not in the premium version. What should I do? It's essentially making it impossible to play....

I'll get it fixed right away. I'm very sorry

I have fixed it. Let me know if there's any other problem.

Hi. Thank you for fixing it so quickly. It is working just fine now.

Great >w< Thank you for reporting the problem.

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I seem to have the same problem as another user in that the game just gives me a black screen upon startup.  I clicked the screen as you instructed the other user, but the only thing that changed was that a grey arrow appeared, bobbing up and down. Clicking or pressing any buttons doesn't  make anything else happen.

I downloaded the free windows version. 

Update: I managed to get it going  by finiking with the saving and loading system via the right-click menu, but the opening cutscene froze on me about a minute in.

I'll do some testing now. I'm very sorry for the incovenience. I'll keep you updated.

Ok, it seems that there was a problem when downloading the game from the engine. I asked the engine owner to take a look and I'm waiting for her reply. I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. Sorry again.

Do not be sorry! Thank you for looking into it for me. From what I saw of the intro, it looks beautiful. I look forward to playing it ^^

Thank you <3 The free version has been fixed. Please let me know if it's working. 

It's working perfectly. Thank you for your hard work :>

You're welcome >w<

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The game doesn't work for me. Starting the nw-app.exe gives me a black window and pressing keys just brings up a grey arrow on the side, bobbing up and down. Nothing happens.

I downloaded the free, win version. Oh and here are my specs, should they be of any help.

Win 10 x64
Ryzen 5 2600x
RX 480

Oh, you just have to click on the screen once (anywhere on the black part). Please tell me if it's still not loading after you click.

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When I was pressing random keys I also tried clicking with the mouse (inside the window). It did nothing. Pressing the right mouse button brings up a menu (Mute, Skip, Auto-Play, etc). I pressed restart, enlarged the window, hiding/un-hiding interface and, finally,  I tried saving and loading. The latter seemed to have done something as music kicked as soon as it loaded and the regular interface showed up. Though the first time I did this I still couldn't do anything. I tried a second time and the game finally started to work...? Kind of?

Needless to say I don't think this is how the game is supposed to start... ^^; 
If you need any more information just ask! :)


Thank you very much for reporting. I'll try to do some testing now. I'll keep you updated.


Ok, it seems that there was a problem when downloading the game from the engine. I asked the engine owner to take a look and I'm waiting for her reply. I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. Sorry again.

The free version has been fixed. Please let me know if it's working. 

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It seems to be working as intended now. Thank you for your swift response and efforts! :)

I'm glad to hear it :) I'll work on the premium version now. I hope you'll enjoy it.

um, dumb question maybe, but... which file launches the game?

If you're using the windows version, it's the nw-app file. I'll add it to instruction. Sorry for not making it clear.

it's okay! i'm just a little spacey. thank you!

You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it :)

It turned out that there was a glitch that prevents you from starting the game. That was probably the reason why you couldn't find the file. The free version has been fixed now.