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The story is focused on a human who’s teleported to an alternative world, Fluffland, a magic place with beings called fluffs.
It’s a carefree game about exploration and friendship, and there are unlockable features as you progress with the story.
The life simulation part allows you to join daily activities and small random events. You can interact with fluffs and raise your friendship points with them.
The gameplay is not limited to story like normal visual novels. In Fluffland you can enjoy unlockable side chapters and periodic events even after you’ve completed the main story. 

☆9 main characters
☆20+ side characters
☆3 adoptable fluffs (pet system)
☆20+ backgrounds
☆2 sets of GUI
☆5+ OST 
☆6+ CGs 
☆15+ main chapters
☆Various side chapters
☆Periodic events like Christmas event, Halloween events, etc (through updates)
☆Life simulation (work, school, shopping, gacha, gardening, battle, etc)

Fluffland is an utopian world, a pleasant and carefree place.
It’s divided in 2 main areas:
☆Fluffland mainland, a huge floating island, with a dream-like atmosphere;
☆Cemetery is a Japanese-styled hidden city, built under the Mainland. It’s a lively place with night parties and arena duels.

Fluffland was started as a personal project by Fluffness in 2018. Later, collaborators from other games joined the team and gave important contributes to its developement. 
Currently, our team is formed by 5 talented people from all around the world:
Monoyagi: artist, character designer, graphic designer
CthulhuSeeker: composer
Lenore: editor
DAX: graphic designer for Kickstarter presentation and general support
Fluffness: developer, writer, artist, character designer


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Fluffland [DEMO] v1.3.2 230 MB
Fluffland [DEMO] v1.3.2 233 MB
Beta (for ks backers) 329 MB
if you pay $30 USD or more
beta (for ks backers) 332 MB
if you pay $30 USD or more
Cheat mode (for ks backers) 329 MB
if you pay $60 USD or more
Cheat mode (for ks backers) 332 MB
if you pay $60 USD or more

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this game should have more attention, i love how you can explore the world and you dont have to worry about doing any missions, theres so much many activites you could do like battling and doing school stuff! the fluffs are adorable and the backgrounds are so pretty, they do seem like their in another world, the characters are pretty creative here also and i like their different personalites, good work!

Aaah thank you very much! I'm very happy you liked our game. Your words mean a lot to me :)

no problem and im glad they do!

So... I restart the game but no chapters appears. Is it normal? I want to replay it again...

Did you restart though the restart option in setting? Menu --> settings ---> restart

Yes that's what I did. Nothing. Maybe I should  delete save files but it seems impossible (I can't found where this files are folded)

I'm truly sorry for the incovenience. I found the problem. I'll fix it right away

Thank you! I like Fluffland and is waiting for full game. Good luck!

Thank you <3 It makes me happy to hear that there are people waiting for my game. I have updated the download link (I think x.x sorry I'm not familiar with itch yet), but if you don't want to re-download it, you can play it online https://cloudnovel.net/fluffness/novel/fluffland-demo

I quite like the game, it's really cute. I saw a few typos though. The main one being from the "Go to" menu where the "Fluff Plains" are written as "Fuff Plains" without the "L".

The game also mentions the ability to buy a Restaurant but it doesn't seem like it can be done yet? Or maybe just not in the Demo version?

Either way this game is ADORABLE!!

Thank you very much. I'm very happy to hear you liked it. And thank you for reporting the typo.

The restaurant feature hasn't been added yet. It will be unlocked later in the story and the DEMO has the basic features only. If the kickstarter goes well, I should be able to implement it around October.

Ah, alright, hope it goes well!

Incidentally is the game played from a male or a female perspective? Or is that left to the player's imagination?

I hope we can adopt Usachi at some point!

It's left to the player's imagination. At first we wanted to make the player customize it with a dress up game, but seems like we won't get enough funds for it. 

There are only 3 adoptable fluffs, sorry x.x Usachi has a role in story and I can't make it adoptable XD

Awww... well I'm sure the other Fluffs will be just as adorable, I guess the hard part will be choosing which one to adopt... unless we can adopt all 3! ^_^

Yes, you can adopt all 3. Here they are. This is their first form