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Note: the game is currenly in early access and it still contains multiple bugs. For this reason, it's being sold for a discounted price. Please let me know if you find any bug in the game, I will fix them as soon as possible.
After early access, the price will increase a little bit, but everyone who have bought the early access will get a download key for the final version without paying any extra.

The story is focused on a human who’s teleported to an alternative world, Fluffland, a magic place with beings called fluffs.
It’s a carefree game about exploration and friendship, and there are unlockable features as you progress with the story.
The life simulation part allows you to join daily activities and small random events. You can interact with fluffs and raise your friendship points with them.
The gameplay is not limited to story like normal visual novels. In Fluffland you can enjoy unlockable side chapters and periodic events even after you’ve completed the main story. 

☆9 main characters
☆20+ side characters
☆3 adoptable fluffs (pet system)
☆20+ backgrounds
☆2 sets of GUI
☆5+ OST 
☆6+ CGs 
☆15+ main chapters
☆Various side chapters
☆Periodic events like Christmas event, Halloween events, etc (through updates)
☆Life simulation (work, school, shopping, gacha, gardening, battle, etc)

Fluffland is an utopian world, a pleasant and carefree place.
It’s divided in 2 main areas:
☆Fluffland mainland, a huge floating island, with a dream-like atmosphere;
☆Cemetery is a Japanese-styled hidden city, built under the Mainland. It’s a lively place with night parties and arena duels.

Fluffland was started as a personal project by Fluffness in 2018. Later, collaborators from other games joined the team and gave important contributes to its developement. 
Currently, our team is formed by 5 talented people from all around the world:
Monoyagi: artist, character designer, graphic designer
CthulhuSeeker: composer
Lenore: editor
DAX: graphic designer for Kickstarter presentation and general support
Fluffness: developer, writer, artist, character designer


Buy Now$11.90 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fluffland [windows] 379 MB
Fluffland [Mac] 380 MB
Cheat mode (for testers and ks backers) v1.3 365 MB
if you pay $60 USD or more
Cheat mode (for testers and ks backers) v1.3 362 MB
if you pay $60 USD or more

Download demo

Fluffland [DEMO] 365 MB
Fluffland [DEMO] 363 MB

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