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Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest. 

NOTE: some routes of this game might contain dark/bloody themes

NOTE2: this game contains shounen ai routes (boy x boy) but not explicit scenes. It's not a romance game.

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  • 9 main endings
  • side story with 3 endings
  • 7 unlockable short extras (lantern at the upper corner of the menu)
  • gallery of 8 ending CGs (unlocked upon reaching ending)
  • 8 unlockable character profiles

CREDITS (background and music don't belong to us)

Red Grimly Tale by Monoyagi
Character design by Monoyagi
Sprites by Monoyagi
Story by Monoyagi and fluffness
Developed by fluffness
CG by Monoyagi. Special thanks to Amioki and kuru for help
Grandma's bgm theme by Zefiroxable
Proofreading by Zefiroxable and Lavity
Beta testing by Animegumi

Backgrounds by:
http://cloudnovel.net/resource?asset=582a8e5737b67063f7 http://cloudnovel.net/resource?asset=350017f459a3719420

Music by:

Support us on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/monofluff

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFairy Tale, Multiple Endings, shounen-ai
Average sessionA few minutes


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Red Grimly Tale (mac) 242 MB
Red Grimly Tale (windows) 239 MB


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Can you make an Android version? I play this game on Mac but now my Mac is broken and I can't play this game for a while:(


You can play it online with android here. However, it might be a bit slow https://cloudnovel.net/fluffness/novel/red-grimly-tale

Played this game a while ago and I totally fell in love with the story and characters! Also, big shoutout to Fluffness for fixing bugs I found in the game in almost real time~

Also, for those of you looking for an ending guide, a made one in the description of my videos :)


Thank you very much for making a guide! I'm happy to hear you liked our game

I cannot for the love of GOD get the boring ending.

(1 edit)

By boring ending I mean the ending where baby wolf eats Red.

It was removed in one of the previous updates, so it doesn't exist anymore. We made another ending instead of it

Oh then I have no clue how to get all the endings.

Which ones do you have?

I have:

1]Are you lost

2]The abyss

3]I shouldn't have met the wolf

4]I shouldn't have gone outside

5]It's a promise

6]The love color of red

That's all of them.

This is a game with great story + art and all, but can someone tell me how to reach the other end like I'm here just keep getting (some spoilers below)

-the true end, the normal end where you gets to Granny's house safely, and the bad end where you ignored the wolf's warning about not going outside of his house.

There are various places where you get to choose what to do and each of them can influence the ending.
For example: at the beginning, when you're still in town, you can decide to go to the market instead of going to the forest directly (follow the map). You're going to meet some new characters.
Or you could choose to ignore the wolf when you meet him, and that's going to give you some other options too

Oh, alright thanks, I'll try to go to the market. Choosing to ignore the wolf though, I already did that, and I still get the same choices (also, when getting rescued by the wolf and you still end up going to his house either choice you made too) leading to same ending?

The outcome should be different if you choose to ignore Wolf or not go to his house. I'll check if there's a bug, thank you for letting me know :)

So, I tried it out and I can get the other endings. Could you please try to redownload it again and see if it works? It might be the files being corrupted.


By going to the woods directly (right, left, left, right) and ignoring Wolf, you're going to fall into the lake and drown since nobody's going to rescue you.

If you talk to Wolf the first time and then refuse to go to his house, you're going to get another ending.

Thanks, sorry for the late reply, I managed to get the other endings but I must play it from the very beginning (not from reloading when in the middle of picking choices because I think that's what makes me can't get to those different outcomes). Anyways does the locked rooms in wolf's house can't be ever opened? 

There's also this bug where if you already have the detective game side story and checking the extra then returning to the main menu, the detective game box will become stuck until the loading screen here like this

about the detective game being stuck, i've tried to fix it previously but it still happens sometimes when you click fast. unfortunately i'm not sure what causes it either x.x

to open the door in wolf's house, you need the key


meet hansel and gretel in town (go left, right after leaving home in the morning)

talk to wolf

don't give the necklace back to witch

go to wolf's house

stay inside

look around wolf's house

Oh how I like the art!! So cute XD

also the story is amazing :D

Thank you very much <3

Sorry to bother but for some reason the game doesn't open (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`). I extracted all the files but there is no game ): . Is there anything I'm doing wrong? All I see in the files are

maybe I'm just kinda stupid but how to do this??

The game is the nwjc file. You just have to click on it to play. Sorry, I'll make it more clear in the instruction

Oh no don't apologize!! Thank you!! The problem is solved!! YAY ( ˶˘ ³˘(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)♡

No problem, you're welcome :3